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C o p y w r i t i n g

IAMS Dogumentaries
IAMS believes that every decision you make plays an integral part in your dog's life. To express this sentiment, we created a series of Dogumentaries designed to inspire better pet parents.
What Is DXM?
A website created to teach teens about the harmful effects of getting high on cough syrup.
Nickelodeon Slime City
When Nickelodeon was launching a new live experience, Slime City, we built upon Nick's existing brand to craft a custom look, feel, voice, and tone for their greenest & gooiest attraction yet – Slime City. Oh yea, and we got to slime a lot of stuff.
Advil: Liqui-Gels Minis
To herald the launch of Advil's new Liqui-Gels Minis, we created a wide array of content to bring awareness to their new, smaller Liqui-Gel.
Advil: Distant Memory
Advil decided to take their Make Pain a Distant Memory campaign online, so we concepted and created content tailored for Facebook.
Uber wanted to spread some Brand Love online, so I wrote 100's (1,000's counting the scrapped ones) of tweets for the Uber and Uber Eats Twitter handles, retweeting brand-positive UGC, lifting engagement, and even picking up some media mentions. As a part of this project, I also assisted in developing voice and tone guidelines for Uber Eats brand social presence.
DXM Labworks
Because teens don't always listen to the voice of reason, sometimes you have let puking robots do the talking. We were tasked with teaching teens the dangers of robotripping, so we created a mobile game that reveals the dangers & social disapproval of getting high on cough syrup.
Capital One
Capital One wants to be synonymous with college sports, so we gave people a reason to whip out their Capital One cards after every NCAA Men's Tournament basketball game. The concept was simple: if the final four digits of their card matched the final score of any game, they were eligible to win $500!
Texas Rising: History Channel
To promote Texas Rising for The History Channel, we created a campaign that invited viewers to choose a side in the fight for Texas. "When brave men stand up, Texas rises."
US Postal Service
When you send mail, it’s usually important. Now you can keep in touch with the people you care about and the mail you send them. Introducing trackable stamps from the USPS.
Nat Geo: Unlock Box
Explore the world around you while unlocking content and surprises. This is an addition to National Geographic's Unlock campaign and was created for entry to the Future Lions Competition. Our prompt was: "Advertise a global brand in a way not possible five years ago."
Design Fun!
I'm not jealous of all the talented designers... I promise. Here's a few of my attempts at illustration and design.
Best of the Rest
A collection of one-off ideas and micro-content.