When Riot Games decided it was time to celebrate the 2nd FANniversary of their smash-hit game League of Legends: Wild Rift, they wanted to write a love letter to their community. But not some sappy roses-are-red trash–they were looking for real appreciation for some of the biggest fans in the gaming world. We delivered with a multi-point campaign that proved fan art is fine art, brought cosplayers in on big announcements, and brought attention to the glorious conquests of their biggest fans.  
Riot loves fan art. And to prove it, we put on a real art auction complete with a professional auctioneer, pop-up gallery in LA, and ten formerly-digital works printed to canvas and framed for a larger-than-life appearance. Then we packed the place out with 100 Riot employees that battled and bid against each other for the right to take home the works of social media of fan artists the world over.  

The night was a huge success for Riot, but this was all really done for the fans, so the whole thing was filmed and released as a HUGE thank you to the real stars of the night - the Wild Rift fan art community. 
(And yes, the artists were all paid for their work.)
To announce the launch of new in-game characters for the Wild Rift anniversary, we partnered with super-fan cosplayers to create new cosplays of their favorite soon-to-be-released champions. And when the time came, they dropped collab posts with Riot to share the spotlight for a truly fan-centric announcement. 
Player shrines were created both digitally and printed to fabric IRL to laud the achievements of players from across the world. 
Five players in total were honored and included everyone from pro gamers to a super-star singer who just so happens to be a super fan of Wild Rift.

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